About this newsletter

About this newsletter
Photo of Alice Dreger by Dylan Lees Photography, copyright © 2022 Michgoose Productions, LLC

People who know my work know that I’ve tried in my life to swim in open water, to go to the places without the lanes, and often without the lifeguards. These days, I feel more drawn than ever to those places, interested in trying to find spaces where we can get beyond the divisions that keep us from deep thought, compassion, wonder.

This newsletter aims to be in that spirit, of searching for and swimming in open water. As with my previous blogs at my personal site, I’m looking to share some experiences and thoughts in an effort to provide others shared insight, sympathy, something unexpected.

Why else bother with a newsletter? Some folks I like have asked me to have a way that they can keep up with what I’m doing, and this makes that possible. It also gives me a place to do that kind of writing that isn’t about a polished argument or narrative arc; it’s place to do the kind of writing that feels more like my floats alone.

You’re welcome to subscribe to the free version, and if you’d like to subscribe with a payment, you can know those funds will go to help pay my part-time staff who do the work that otherwise distracts me from writing (like accounting, booking of talks, and production of the “thinking podcast” we have coming out soon). I may sometimes post work that is only accessible to paid subscribers.

You’re also welcome to just dip in now and then.

Thank you.

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